From inspiration to business.

We are producers of intellectual property. We work with you from the concept to the commercialization of research results.

Bridge from technology to industry

MPO has highly specialized knowledge and skills in the life science field. Utilizing our extensive network of universities, hospital, companies, start-ups, and experts, MPO supports from intellectual property consultation and discovery to commercialization.

Strengths of MPO

Support for business creation

We establish new business entity and participate in it. We promote commercialization by utilizing not only patents, but also designs, trademarks, copyrights, know-how, the idea and network of researcher etc.

Specializing in life science field

Our staff has the skills about commercialize life sciences (partner matching, intellectual property, R&D, marketing, regulatory affairs, etc.). We are particularly strong in startup establishment and business expansion.

Networking with universities and companies

We work with university hospitals, medium-sized hospitals and clinics as well as St. Marianna Medical University to commercialize various technologies and match the best commercialization partners.

MPO is not just technology transfer office (TTO).

We make business models, development strategies, and intellectual strategies from the needs and seeds of researchers and healthcare professionals. And we create new business entity (e.g., start-up) with commercialization partners. Then, while participating in the entity, we create new businesses. MPO also searches for licensee as TTO, but we take our support one step further by providing assistance beyond technology transfer.